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The One Ambaji Temple History




The formation of the Shri Ambaji Temple-Malacca Gujarati Samaj was on Sunday, the 23rd day of April 1972 at 10.30 a.m. The meeting was held at the Dewan Hang Tuah and a total of 75 Gujaratis were present. Subsequently, a Protem Committee was formed and unanimously elected and they were:-
Datuk C.M.Seth, DKSJ., AMN., BKT., MBE.,JP. (President)
Mr. N.V. Patel PJK (Organising Secretary)
Mr. Gordhan Amba Vaghasia (Committee Member)
Mr. Mohanlal Manji Babria (Committee Member)
Mr. Khimjee Bhimjee P.B.M (Committee Member)
Mr. Shantilal Maganlal (Committee Member)
Mr. Ratilal Tribhovan Timbadia (Committee Member)

The draft Constitution of SAMAJ, which was prepared by the Organising Secretary, was duly approved on the 29th day of November 1973 by the registrar of Societies. The Protem Committee Members were informed of this great news on the 26th day of May 1974 following which on the 1st day of june 1974 the SAMAJ  Constitution came into  force.

The main intention was to build a Temple, the only of its kind in Malaysia, a hall and residential rooms for the use of all Gujaratis. A sum of RM 30,000.00 was collected from members and well wishers for this purpose. The Committee then immediately took steps to look for a site for the temple and on the 19th day of January 1973 a suitable piece of land located at jalan Ujong Pasir was purchased. The complete transfer of the said Land was executed on the 14th day of March 1973 to the Trustee of the Malacca Gujarati Samaj, namely:-
Datuk C. M. Seth;
Mr.Bava Harji s/o Harji Rana;
Mr. Shantilal Maganlal Sanghvi; and
Mr. Khimjee s/o Bhimjee.

The foundation stone of the Temple was then laid by the Late Datuk C. M.Seth on Friday the 25th day of October 1974 at 7.30 a.m. which witnessed by the founder members.

To quote K.M. MUNSHI, a notable Gujarati writer once said…. “ wherever the Gujaratis go, they try to keep their culture alive….they come into closer contact with the local residents and interact with them….”, but ALWAYS remain distinct as an independent indentity – THE GUJARATI ( a.k.a the GUJUS amongst their close friend).

As the Shri Ambaji Temple-Malacca Gujarati Samaj evolves into its 25th anniversary this year, we must not lose sight of our duties at hand. The past may serve as reminder and a source for fruitful reflections in our search for meaningful progress. Throughout the years, the Temple has seen many changes since its humble beginning way back in 1960’s. Though most of its founder members are no longer here with us, we will always remember them not only as pioneers but also as a group of dedicated individuals who shared a common and noble vision. I pay tribute to them and also to many other very dedicated and energetic individuals who selflessly served this Temple in the past.

I also wish to thank the members of the Management Committee who have worked untiringly with me and for their sincere and selfless service to the Temple. Let  us all work hand in hand to enable the Temple to grow in bigger ways and carry the noble ambitions of our former leaders and founders to greater heights.


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